How to profit from propellerads 2022

How to profit from Proppler Ads, Proppler Ads is one of the best alternatives to Google Essence currently, especially this year 2022 in terms of offers, competitions and a high CPM percentage.

Today we offer a full explanation about the company propellerads in terms of the method of registration, selection of payment method, method of installing ads, and the best ad units for a thousand impressions and clicks

How to profit from propellerads 2022

How to profit from propellerads 2022

We also describe how to profit from propellerads for the year 2022 with the best profit strategies from propellerads in Arabic and foreign content, and the most important advantages and disadvantages of the company.

How to register in the company propellerads

Go to the following link "Register on the site click here" and do the following:-

  • Click on the word publisher
  • Then Register
  • Then fill in the data as shown in the picture
  • Then press Next
  • You will receive an email to confirm the registration process
  • How to register on the propellerads site

How to register in the company propellerads

Choose the payment method

After completing the registration process, fill in the rest of the data from the settings, then go to choosing the appropriate payment method for you .. Bad bank account, PayPal or Skrill

  • Enter your PayPal e-mail. Save
  • You will receive a confirmation email via email
  • Do the confirmation process.

How to install ads in the blog

Go to add a site
Type your domain
Choose the appropriate ad unit for you from the following forms of advertising:

  • Pop Under..... Multi Tag: - Double Ads Set
  • Notices..... Direct Link: It is a direct link
  • Floating Banner..... Interface Announcement

The best ad units for thousand impressions and clicks.

The best ad units for thousand impressions and clicks.

  • Bob Under
  • interstitisl . advertisement
  • floating banner
These ad units are the best ads to earn through a thousand impressions, through my personal experience on gaming sites and live broadcasts.

How to profit from propellerads 2022

There are three strategies to profit from Proppler Ads in Arabic and foreign content, great for profiting from Proppler Ads, as follows:

  • Earning through blogging
  • Earning through direct link
  • Profit from referral
We launch the advertisement to know how to profit from blogging and the best niches that can be profited from:

Earning through blogging

The best profitable way through blogging after an excellent experience is the live broadcasting of football or sports blogs.
Profit from movie blogs, especially as they are not acceptable in Adsense, so Probler Ads is the most suitable alternative to Google Adsense
If you own a YouTube channel, this will bring you an excellent number of visitors, so you can take advantage of this in the blog through explanations and application downloads.

Earning through direct link

You can profit without the blog by taking a direct link, promoting it on social media, or creating an advertising campaign for that link, targeting profitable countries, after you talk to the support to prepare it.

Profit from referral

Profit from referral

After agreeing to the terms and policies of the site, you can take the referral link and promote the site and earn 5% of the profits of the customer who invited a bad publisher or advertiser.

Company Features

  1. Payment from $5 on Paypal
  2. Notification ads
  3. Great offers and competitions during periods
  4. Rewards for good publishers
  5. Excellent advertising campaigns for advertisers and real visitors

company defects

  • Only paid domains are accepted
  • Popunder ads may be annoying to the visitor .. but they are good for the advertiser
  • The cost of creating an ad campaign starts from $100
  • Sometimes you find in their ads some pornographic images ... You can also talk to support to stop these annoying ads for you and your visitor.

To register on the site, click here
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