Download the zANTI app for Android

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Welcome to a new topic on your blog : Download the zANTI app for Android.

Download the zANTI app for Android

The zANTI application is one of the best and wonderful applications that are used to check and know the people who are connected with you on the same Internet, as the application performs a complete examination of the network to find out the devices connected to it

About the zANTI App

It is worth noting that the zANTI application is one of the best existing applications that we talked about with you in many previous topics, as the application contains many and many features in order to help you know who is calling you on the same network.

For its part, you must be fully aware, dear visitor, that the Zanti application needs to be rooted on the Android phone so that it can be used, as it is downloaded in the APK format, but it is available free of charge and no material payment is paid to download or use it.

It has been well received by a very large number of users in many countries and has achieved a large percentage of downloads on Android devices, so let us talk with you about clarifying the features of the zANTI application, and let us also show you how to download it on the Android phone.

Features of zANTI . Application

The zANTI application features a complete network scan and see all the devices connected with you.

It is characterized by the ability to view devices and know their type, whether they are smart phones or computers.

Download the ZANTI app

  • The application is downloaded first from the link that we leave to you at the end of the article.
  • Then the application is installed on your phone.
  • After that, it is granted root permissions by clicking on Allow.
  • Then your email address is entered.
  • Then click on “I accept Zimperium’s EULA”.
  • I agree to the privacy and usage policy
  • Then the word Start is pressed to start the operation.
  • After that, zNetwork is joined by pressing “Enable”, or ignored by pressing “Skip”.
  • Then "skip" is pressed, and enable zANTI is checked.
  • Finally, click on “Finish”.

Download the zANTI app

My dear brother, you can download the ZANTI application from here and do not forget to put an encouraging comment for us 👇👇

Download the zANTI app from here

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